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ParsPowder Aligoudarz

Pars Powder Aligodarz Co. (Private Joint-stock Company)

Pars Powder Aligodarz Company has been established in the field of production of various micronized powders in the city of Aligudarz, with the aim of supplying raw materials of domestic and foreign quality, the best use of national capital and specialist forces in 1992. The company now produces two full-automatic production lines, supplying raw materials from the best mines, utilizing specialized forces, producing quality products, and providing the needs of our esteemed customers throughout Iran and some of the neighboring countries. The products of this company are according to the prototype and perfectly uniform, are prepared by the customer's packaging in due time for delivery of the order. We hope that in the coming years, along with the company's long-term development plans, we will be able to solve a small part of the supply problems of the domestic industry by producing new products.


Calcium carbonate

Micronized powder Calcium carbonate in different granules (100 to 3500 mesh)

Calcium carbonate is one of the most commonly used minerals which is used in various industries due to its low price and suitable physical and chemical properties as filler. Calcium carbonate to provide mechanical strength, the property of ductility, reduced or increased specific gravity, increased thermal resistance, changes in concentration and reduced prices in the chemical industry, paint, paper, rubber, plastics, industrial and building coatings, various polymers Engineering, industrial and construction pipes, synthetic and natural leather, production of PVC derivatives, ceramic tiles, adhesives, detergents and sanitary ware and other industries.


Micronized powder of talc in different granules

Talc is one of the most widely used compounds in the paper industry, paint, plastics, rubber, ceramics, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other industries. Talc is used in plastics to increase the rigidity of thermoplastics, especially polypropylene, as well as polyethylene and polyamide. In general, its main use is in the automotive parts industry and in the production of home appliances and engineering plastics.

Product Specifications

Product Usage

Compound and masterbatch

Industrial and building colors

Paper stone

Stone plast

Wall panel

Wood plast

Edge band


Artificial leather


Wire and cable




12th International Exhibition of Iran Plast - 2018

Pars Powder Eligoodarz Company invites you to visit this company's pavilion at the 12th Iranian Plast International Exhibition, from 2 to 5 October 2013, at the permanent exhibition of Tehran's International Exhibitions Hall 6, Exhibit No. 7. We will be proud to host your presence.

11th International Exhibition of Iran Plast - 2017

The 11th International Exhibition of Iran Plast 2 to 5th October, 2017 was held under the slogan "Global Business". The opening ceremony of the Eleventh Iranian Plast Exhibition was held with the presence of the first vice president and oil minister of the time. Over the course of the course, over 1,100 companies, including 530 foreign companies and 570 domestic companies, were present. The number of countries participating in the Iran Plast Exhibition has reached 24 countries, and companies from Asia and Europe have taken part in the Exhibit of Iran Plast Booth. The space allocated to foreign companies in this period reached 9,700 square meters. In total, the exhibition was held in a useful space of 36 thousand square meters.

Pars Powder Aligudarz Co., with nearly three decades of experience in the production of mineral micronized powders such as calcium carbonate and talc, participated in this exhibition at booth # 11 in Hall 13-12 as one of the suppliers of raw materials for domestic and foreign industries.


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